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Thursday, February 24, 2011

all blinged up!

hi all its been a hectic few days but i di mange to get crafty this morning sohere is a 3 euro pair of pumps i blinged up for my granddaughter Emily , i hope she likes  bling as much as her nanny Maggie ???lol any way here are before and after pics



  1. Hi Maggie & Emily! Please stop by my blog, I am awarding you with a Liebster Blog Award! I enjoy seeing all of your projects and would like to give this award to you! Thanks for following my new blog and for all the wonderful comments :)

  2. Maggie I just love what you have done with Emily's trainers. I so have to have a pair myself. Yes I know I'm 33 next month, but I'm a child at heart really. Fantastic!

  3. Oh Maggie they are fab!!! I always buy these runners for my lil one!! I must try this! What did you use to glue the gems on!! Oh im sure Emily will love them, all little girls love pink and sparkles!!!
    Oh and btw only posted your card today (been in a lot of pain with hips so dint get out) :D


  4. thanks for your lovely comments girls x she loved them btw and of course i understand about you needing a pair niamh cause no one loves a bit of bling more than me and i am 41 shhhhhh that bit is a secret , yaz i used a heat tool i got off ebay (i can say that here and hot fix gems that are compatible with it x cns do a version too called the i rock heat tool so check it out over there if you like x cant wiat to see your card , until later girls
    happy crafting xmaggiex

  5. These are just the sweetest. I'm sure Maggie will enjoy her new shoes!! Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten today!

  6. Hi!
    Those are so cute and sweet! What a nice and thoughtful gift! I love making these and I also do the baby flip flops for summer!!

    Lina-Fancy Frugal Life

  7. I love those! They are sooo cute. x


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