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Monday, March 5, 2012

Craft storage from pure Scrap !

hiya ladies , I know we all suffer from the same problem .....lack of crafty storage ! ( thats what you were thinking right ?) and the other thing is do i spend of craft supplies or craft storage ... yes supplies ..correct answer , well here is my solution , i collect other peoples crap and turn them into treasures .....most of the time x the photos dont actually show the real before shots but imagine this , a pile of scrap wood from my sisters kitchen renovation , i gave mark a rough idea of what i was looking for and here is what was waiting for me when i got home on day 1
ignore the crap paint work below the shelf , i had pulled down my magnetic sheets before mark got started now after some magnolia paint , some black left over wallpaper a scallop punch and some cup hook ....
now i will be very honest and tell you there is muccccchhhhhhh more on those shelves now but that doesnt make for a good photo tfl xmaggiex


  1. Hi Maggie Thank you for your comment on my blog. The tiny brads are Tim Holtz. Best wishes Sam xx

  2. Nice shelf, I just moved into my new craft area behind the couch in the living room, it's a lot better than crafting on my bed and having to pack it all up again when I'm done :P

    Also, I've awarded you a blog award - here's my post!



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