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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

stylish blogger me????

hi all just want to say a big thank you to my blogger /crafty friend niamh who nominated me for the stylish blogger award x

the rules are simple...
1.....i must thank and link back tot he person that nominated me thanks niamh x

2....i must share 7 things about myself !
        1...i am a proud nanny maggie to my beautiful granddaughter Emily
        2...i am secret fair city fan (omg i have admitted it now !)
        3...i am a man. united fan
        4...i am the eldest of 11 children
        5...i love decorating (seriously i looooove it )
        6...i am text aholic
        7...i am a firm believer what goes around comes around

3....choose 7 of my crafty friends as stylish bloggers
        2...sarah   @

4.....leave a comment so each one can pass on the award

thanks for stopping by today
till later
happy crafting

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